We are thrilled to announce that Monash University and Tata Steel have signed an MoU to establish a new Centre for Innovation on Environment and Intelligent Manufacturing. The Centre will help address contemporary global challenges such as decarbonisation, resource recovery from sustainable sources, and technology for advanced, additive, and data-driven manufacturing.

Tata Steel is among the largest steel producers in the world, and the largest in India, with a sustainability mandate of net zero by 2045. The Centre represents the first major R&D collaboration made by Tata Steel with an Australian institution. Monash University joins the ranks of other recently announced Tata Steel Centre’s for Innovation at Imperial College and The Henry Royce Institute (headquartered at Manchester University).

Professor Mainak Majumder (AM2D Director) commented on the engagement: “The Centre for Innovation is aligned strategically with our mission of thinking locally, but acting globally, as we strive to create impact for Australian-born science and technology.”

T V Narendran (Tata Steel, CEO) said “As the oldest steel maker in India, Tata Steel has taken upon itself the responsibility of leading the change towards more sustainable manufacturing practices. Today, we are building a comprehensive ecosystem that involves partners from academia and the world of startups.”

AM2D played a pivotal role in fostering this impressive achievement. Over the last year AM2D facilitated several exchanges and visits between Tata Steel and Monash University, including hosting 2 delegations from Tata Steel, the first of which was headed by AM2D Advisory Committee member Dr Debashish Bhattacharjee (VP Technology and R&D, Tata Steel).

Through these exchanges, AM2D has been able to showcase the local graphene ecosystem and local SME activity, including site visits to our partners (see inserted image).

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Tata Steel visits Ionic Industries in August 2023. Ionic Industries is an Australian deep tech startup that has developed graphene-based sensing surfaces for use in advanced and data-driven manufacturing (IoT) applications. Pictured are the Tata Steel delegation speaking with Prof Mainak Majumder (AM2D Director) and personnel from Ionic Industries: Mr Simon Savage (Managing Director), Dr Meysam Sharifzadeh (R&D Manager) and Dr Philip Aitchison (CTO).

AM2D will continue to support the engagement and the establishment of the new Centre.

This announcement demonstrates how the Australian Research Council’s Industrial Transformation Research Program (the grant scheme which supports AM2D) can be leveraged to enhance strategic priority sectors under the scheme, namely advanced manufacturing, but also applied graphene research with graphene-related projects being scoped under the new Centre.

We congratulate everyone from Monash University, Tata Steel and AM2D on the signing of the MoU.

For more information visit the following press releases: Monash University | Tata Steel*

*Australian-based readers cannot access this URL, a VPN may be used to access this link.

Featured image: The MoU signing event was held in Mumbai, India on 10 June 2024. Key personnel from Monash University and Tata Steel attended the event. Shown are Prof Doron Ben-Meir (Deputy Vice Chancellor (Enterprise), Monash University) and TV Narendran (CEO, Tata Steel) shaking hands following the signing of the MoU. Prof Mainak Majumder (AM2D Director) and Dr Phillip Sheath (AM2D Hub Manager) also attended.