AM2D is governed by a Grant Agreement between Monash University (as the Administrative Organisation) and the ARC (representing the Commonwealth of Australia), a Participants Agreement signed by all Participants, and project agreements between the project partners.

AM2D is lead and managed by an executive team comprising

  • Hub Director: leads the development and delivery of AM2D’s research agenda
  • Deputy Hub Directors: assists the Hub Director
  • Hub Manager: manages the implementation of AM2D’s research agenda.

Two committees support the executive team:

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides operational advice and assistance. The committee is comprised of the Hub Director, Deputy Directors, Node Leaders and the Hub Manager.

For more information refer to the Steering Committee Terms of Reference.


Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee provides strategic oversight over AM2D’s research agenda and impact. The committee is comprised of internal members: the Hub Director (as Chair), Deputy Directors, Hub Manager (as Secretary), and 4 external members.

For more information refer to Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.

The Advisory Committee members will be published on our People page soon.


The nodes are organised by themes under which each project is assigned. Node Leaders are responsible for reporting to the Steering Committee on the progress of and any issues relating to the Node that they lead.