AM2D is excited to engage with the general public to inform and educate about the wonderful world of 2D materials. See below or contact us for more information about our outreach activities.

Outreach partners

We work with our outreach partners to create a variety of opportunities for participants to learn more about 2D materials, the scientific method, and STEM careers and opportunities. For more information about partnering with AM2D, contact us.

We are proud to be collaborating with Kennedy College as an AM2D Outreach Partner.

Kennedy College provides STEM extension programs after school for students in years 7 to 11 at its face-to-face campus in Surrey Hills, Victoria. Kennedy College teaches its popular Pre-VCE Chemistry, Biology and Physics courses with a combination of hands-on practical experiments and rigorous pen-and-paper workbook exercises.

Kennedy College engages, motivates, and extends middle school students beyond the Australian Curriculum to prepare them optimally for VCE. Through academic extension, regular excursions, competitions, and project-based learning activities, Kennedy College serves as a launchpad for students’ future success in STEM.

w. https://kennedycollege.com.au/
LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/company/kennedy-college/
X. https://twitter.com/JamesKennedyEDU



 Work experience

We offer Victorian high-school students work experience opportunities (currently based at Monash University, Clayton).

The 24-28 June 2024 intake is full. Please contact us for further information.